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Orbital Socket is a brand engagement company that ignites business growth by building brands that people want to have relationships with.


Orbital Socket develops innovative marketing platforms that connect companies and brands to their customers. Our end goal is a partnership that fuels marketplace acceleration by creating customers that understand, engage with and advocate for your brand. We leverage design thinking and emergent brand building principles to increase precision and impact in the marketplace.


What types of problems do we solve?


  • Stagnate growth or no growth
  • Need for additional customers
  • Marketplace differentiation
  • Drive the door while building the brand

  • Loyalty beyond promotion
  • New purchase occasions for current customers
  • Employee engagement


We Build Brand Colonies

Colony – ˈkälənē – a group of individuals with common characteristics or interests in close association with each other.


At Orbital Socket, we collaborate to bring clear optics to and actions around precisely identifying the consumer, and then build a customer experience that engages them. We work across all channels and touchpoints to get the brand’s story presented organically within the specific channel, in ways that tell the whole story. Brand Colonization (TM) encourages brand growth and significantly increases the lifetime value of your consumer by creating deeper, more connected consumer relationships. The colony is a powerful group of brand loyalists that drive engagement in the marketplace for your brand. Colonies are the defined and connected part of a brand’s community and provides
a solid foundation for growth.


Let us help you start your Brand Colony today and see what’s possible.
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Build Engaging Customer Experiences


It’s All About The People

Plain and simple, people come first. We believe in the power of people exchanging ideas. We believe that in these days of fast paced, overwhelming change and proliferation of ways to connect to consumers, those who master the art of connecting people with each other and their brands will win.


We help brands strengthen relationships with consumers, moving beyond the customer and company relationship and on to a place where they accept your brand as part of their lives.

Brands We’re Building

Our Work


It’s About Collaboration

We develop a customized process for each engagement based on the needs and the deliverables. We ORBIT around the challenge to ensure an outcome that is relevant, measurable and transformative.

Our Capabilities

Our goal is to communicate ideas in innovative ways that deeply resonate in your marketplace, the one that we define and energize together. Our capabilities include:

  • Brand Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Insights & Analytics

  • Experience Design
  • Digital & Video Production
  • Performance Measurement
  • Testing & Optimization
  • MarTech Consulting


At the heart of who we are is a desire to help people. We are passionate people and love using our superpowers, the marketing talents that have been shaped in us for over 20 years. We have worked with some of the best brands on the planet like Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Bojangles’ and the Charlotte Hornets, to help build brands that people want to have relationships with. Our goal is to help create the next generation of global superpowered companies from right here in our beloved home of Charlotte, NC.

Greg Johnson

Managing Director

A 20+ year marketing professional and most recently the president of Boone Oakley Advertising in Charlotte. Worked at Nike as the marketing director and a founding member of the Jordan Brand. Launched career at J. Walter Thompson and Saatchi & Saatchi, both NY advertising agencies. Spent time working at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon. Currently serves on the Board of the University YMCA and Youniversity Drive.

Carole Johnson

Director of Client Services

An accomplished marketing professional, who has worked at Nike, Condé Nast Publications and Sandstrom Partners. With 10+ years of experience in event planning and execution, graphic/print production, visual marketing and hard and soft package good branding and design. Manages the entire development process from strategic planning to client presentations.


Our Office

Mailing Address

PORTAL Building, Suite #335

9201 University City Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28223

Physical Address

PORTAL Building, Suite #335

9319 Robert D. Snyder Rd

Charlotte, NC 28223

New Inquires

Greg Johnson

[email protected]


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